About Zovatti

Born of the need to create a 21st Century luxury watch, Zovatti emerges as the leader of the first class revolution. By combining utility with style and precision with timeless polish, Zovatti is for all occasions. Whether at work or at play the new phase in timepiece excellence begins with Zovatti.

Luxury is no longer determined solely by what you spend but rather by the quality of what you buy. Zovatti luxury comes with quality, confidence and a look that shows you belong. Zovatti was made to meet all of the standards you have come to expect of watchmaking excellence without the excessive price tag.

You'll notice the meticulous care put into creating each Zovatti watch from the moment you open the box. If you are looking for a watch that performs with the best, looks the best and is made from the best, look no further. Zovatti proves that you no longer need to break the bank to achieve excellence; you'll just look like you did.

Lifetime Guarantee

Zovatti guarantees all of its time pieces against manufacturing defects for the life of the watch. You can rest assured knowing that your time piece will always be of the highest quality standards. If you do discover a defect, simply ship the watch to Zovatti, and we will repair or replace it. To find out more about the warranty and its limitations please visit our warranty page.


If you are looking for instructions on how to use your watch please visit our instructions page.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at info@zovatti.com.
For media inquiries, contact marketing@zovatti.com.